1001 Minigolf Challenge

1001 Minigolf Challenge 1.0

1001 Minigolf Challenge is a mini golf game by Selectsoft
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1001 Minigolf Challenge is a mini golf game by Selectsoft. The game takes you through over a thousand holes in a variety of golf courses. It is a 3D game which has OK-looking textures and detail.
The controls are fairly simple. You control your shots using just the mouse. Moving it left and right, and up and down controls the direction and the kind of stroke that you will be using. Once you get the direction of the shot right, by aligning the golf club with the part of the screen that you want to aim at, you simply click the left mouse button once - this will start the power meter. Just click again to determine the force of your stroke. After that, the direction meter starts. You want to click the left button just in the middle, for a perfect shot.

Every time you make a shot, some text appears on the screen telling you how well you just performed. Even when you hit max power and perfect alignment, some shots will still not make its target. All throughout the screen, there are other elements that influence the path of your shots. There are fans, gravity fields, obstacles, etc.

The game is not very deep, but it is immediate fun, although just for a short while. I like that you can set the resolution options before entering the game and that there is a windowed mode, for those of us who want to play and not go away from what we were doing.

1001 Minigolf Challenge has a 30-minute trial.

José Fernández
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  • Windowed mode and the ability to select resolution before starting
  • Quick fun


  • Not very addictive
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